Combining compactness and standard installation - The advantages of both features in one device.

Kubler 4/16/2018

Compact encodersKübler continues expanding its portfolio in the encoder branch. Its characteristics make the magnetic Sendix M58 multiturn encoder a particularly robust and accurate device. Moreover, the reduced mounting depth and the standard installation offer many advantages for very different applications.

This solid shaft encoder is based on the Energy Harvesting Technology, which requires less mechanical components than e.g. a multiturn encoder with gears. This is noticeable in terms of encoder cost-efficiency and reliability. The encoder operates wearfree and therefore durably.

The extremely robust Safety-LockplusTM Design bearing structure includes extra large bearings and an additional shaft seal protection. It thus absorbs shocks, vibrations and installation errors. The advantages for the user are high plant availability and encoder repair costs saving. The IP65 protection level and the wide temperature range of -40°C … +85°C also make this encoder suitable for demanding applications.

The encoder is mounted on a flange with a standard 58 mm size. The mounting depth of 59 mm is ideal for tight installation spaces. This saves installation costs. The Sendix M58 is available in Analog, SSI or CANopen variants. The maximum total resolution is 38 bits.

The scaleable measuring range is another advantage of the Sendix M38. Depending on the application, the analog output can be adapted to the total measuring range. This means e. g. that 0V on the voltage output corresponds to the starting value of the total measuring range (zero position) and 10V correspond to the final value of the total measuring range (max. 65536 revolutions).

The additional limit switch functionality allows setting limit values in the encoder. This allows e.g. achieving simple safety monitoring.

The magnetic Sendix M58 multiturn encoder is used in the following applications: general automation, logistics, metalworking and textile machines.