Simple and Versatile Multifunctional Display / Control Devices 570T, 571T, 573T

Kubler 4/17/2018

Multifunctional Display / Control DevicesTouchscreen. A benefit of these new multi-functional devices is their user friendliness using simple plain language programming with resistive touchscreen. All metering, measuring and control tasks, such as pulse sensing for quantity, position, frequency, and time (571T). SSI signals for position measurement/control (570T) as well as processing of standard signal inputs and transmitters (573T).

ssi Push-Pull HTL Analog

Control Devices Benefits

The displays monitor and control limits or transmit scaled measured values. For example: valve control for gas turbines, measurement of the total length of multilevel crane systems, monitoring of lock gates, blade adjustment for turbines, pitch adjustment for wind turbines, positioning of processing machines (wood, metal, glass), ice surface processing machines, level indicators in tank systems. Flow monitoring in production systems, dwell time of parts in ovens, for example, beyond the frequency measurement (reciprocal), speed measurement from the run time.

Control Devices Applications