Kubler gives proof of its expertise: Counter Perfection for Energy Metering

Kubler 4/16/2018

Counter Perfection for Energy MeteringKubler, the market leader in counters for energy metering, once again gives proof of its skills and expertise: alongside the classic micro counters in its K-Series the company offers high-quality cyclometer displays with stepper motor drive for electronic kWh meters. Kubler thus has the widest range of counters for energy measurement on offer in this industry sector. 

The patented K-Series of electromechanical micro counters are the only products available on the market that are both shock resistant and at the same time 100% unaffected by magnetic fields. The success enjoyed by these products decided Kubler to further strengthen its expertise in this area. This gave rise to the cyclometer drum-type counter mechanisms of the KWH-Series, which thanks to their sophisticated technology always ensure excellent precise measurement results even in harsh industrial environments. 

The devices are built to a compact, space-saving design, so that for example in double tariff meters two counting mechanisms can be placed tight up against each other. This is made possible by the patented special motor position devised by Kubler. The KWH 17 Series modules can be directly soldered onto the PCB without any additional assembly being required; no screws, plug connectors or cables are needed. Just solder them in and the job is done. Connection is made via solder pins. The devices can be affixed for example by means of snap-on or screw mechanisms. Depending on the specific conditions, Kubler will tailor the solution to suit. 

Especially when used in kWh meters the built-in components must display a high degree of resistance against external influences such as magnetic fields. Maximum security and thus interference-free data transfer is guaranteed with the built-in modules of the KWH 17 Series thanks in part to the patented method of construction and the protected position of the motor. 

Additional factors here are the specially developed shielding material and the shape of the device, which make it insensitive to external interference factors. Other manufacturers need multiple shielding to achieve this, resulting in a loss in quality and an increase in costs. 

The stepper motor driven counting mechanisms of the KWH 17 Series are primarily for use in 1 and 3 phase electricity meters. The 7 digit drum-type counter mechanism with pulse triggering displays the values in 5 x 3 mm figures - i.e. the same size as in a traditional Ferraris meter. Triggering can be initiated either by square-wave or needle pulses. Each incoming pulse advances the decimal position of the counting mechanism by 1/100 of a revolution. In this way the counting mechanisms can be directly controlled by energy metering ICs. The nominal voltage is 5 V DC - other supply voltages are available on request. The KWH 17 Series modules are far superior to traditional pulse counters thanks to their very low 25 mW power consumption. In contrast to LCD solutions they guarantee absolute data retention even if there is a power failure and are thus ideal for use in OEM applications. 

Last but not least, the KWH Series modules offer not only this whole range of technical advantages but are also very keenly priced, thus proving themselves the all-round winner for the user looking for energy metering.