Bearingless encoders for external rotor motors. Limes LI50

Kubler 4/19/2018
Limes LI50The use of bearingless encoders or of non-contact magnetic measuring systems is an increasing trend in the elevator technology. The bearingless measuring systems are especially suitable for external rotor motors. Kübler, one of the leading specialists in the field of position and motion sensors offers exactly such measuring systems, made of an incremental sensor and of a magnetic ring. The advantages of this measuring system are clear: high resolution, reduced space requirements, suitable for narrow mounting spaces, flexible and easy to install. Thanks to this flexibility, many such systems, in various sizes, are already in operation.
With its compact installation depth of only 10 mm, the Limes LI50 with magnetic ring can be installed quickly and easily in tightest mounting spaces. Offering various ring diameters and different resolutions, Kübler guarantees flexibility and always supplies the right solution to its customers. Just like the Kübler encoders, the bearingless measuring system is particularly robust and reliable. This is guaranteed by the robust construction. Oblong holes ensure easy adjusting of the measuring system. A wide mounting tolerance between the sensor head and the magnetic ring ensures trouble-free installation.