Multifunction: Process Controller with analogue output or 2 optocoupler outputs

Kubler 4/16/2018

Process ControllerWith its new Process Controller Type 573 Kübler is introducing a multi-faceted device for use in the process engineering industry. The device has two analogue inputs and an analogue output or two optocoupler outputs and can thus be used both in single channel mode as well as in dual channel. In dual channel mode, all arithmetic operations are available for displaying sum total, difference, ratio or the product. Inputs and outputs can be scaled separately.

The Type 573 Process Controller can be used as a simple process signal converter, process controller (ON/OFF controller) or for complex measuring tasks, where the relationship between two values, one to the other, must be monitored, calculated or further processed in a higher-level controller. Application areas include for example the monitoring of mixing ratios, the display of flow rate and with material stretching. Other areas include the monitoring of synchronous operation and display of individual speeds, as well as level monitoring and adjustment and the display of inflow and outflow. 
When input signals are fluctuating strongly, a reliable average measurement can be made over 2 to 16 measuring cycles. The user can also linearize the display with up to 16 control points, either via the key-pad or via the Teach-In function. 
The simple menu-driven programming is carried out using just two keys as well as a separate Tare or Teach-In key. With the tare function the unit can be set to 0 for any input voltage.

The measured values of inputs A and B are associated mathematically. Thus the result can also be multiplied, divided or added to an offset value, in order to obtain the desired display value. The user can consequently obtain up to three display values with just one device: Display A, Display B and a display based on the calculation of A and B.

The analogue output ranges from 0/4 ... 20 mA, +/-10 V or 0 ... 10 V. Two fast PNP switching outputs (50 ms at a measuring rate of 25 ms per channel alternating) offer switching hysteresis plus step or tracking presets.
The two separate freely-scalable analogue inputs range from +/-10 V, 0 ...10 V and 0/4... 20 mA, with a resolution of 14 bit.
To top this off, the new Process Controller Type 573 can be run from either an AC or DC supply voltage.