A New Age of Absolute Encoders from Kubler - Safer, faster and more versatile than previously available in the market

Kubler 4/16/2018

New Absolute EncodersKübler is ringing in a new age of absolute encoders with the new Sendix product family

The absolute shaft and hollow shaft encoders, which are offered in singleturn (max. 17 Bit) and multiturn (max. 29 Bit) versions, are setting new standards in the market when it comes to rapidity, safety or versatility. A real time SSI interface (with SIN/COS option) is available for transmitting position data, as well as the new all digital, bi-directional BiSS interface and various Fieldbus and Real Time Ethernet options within a short time . 

The multiturn component of the Sendix absolut series is based on a newly developed mechanical gear module in conjunction with a purely optical sensor technology. It is completely resistant to magnetic fields - even strong magnetic fields, for example in the vicinity of brakes on geared motors, cause no interference to its function. Moreover it was possible to develop a multiturn encoder with a mechanical gear, which for the first time in the industry-standard 58 mm format made possible a through hollow shaft up to 14 mm Ø (15 mm Ø with blind hollow shaft). The encoders give warning or alarm signals concerning sensor error, too low voltage or too high temperature, either via the interface or optically with an LED. These Condition-Monitoring data put an end to downtime in the field. Real-time rapidity with the new Sendix absolute encoders is possible thanks to the efficient SSI interface, with clock frequencies up to 2 MHz or the ultra swift BiSS interface with max. 10 MHz. Transmission of 26 Bit position data can be made in less than 5 μs. A high refresh rate of the position value with jitter < 1 µs makes it possible to achieve especially high precision in the application. Devices that have the additional SIN/COS output option can be used for high-resolution feedback with very short control cycles, for example on gearless drives. 

The encoder can be reset to zero or to a desired position by using either a SET-key or via control inputs. The stable die-cast housing and a protection rating of up to IP 67 ensure the devices remain unaffected by damp or by temperatures from -40°C up to +90°C when used outdoors. The mechanical bearing construction with the new Safety-Lock (™) design tolerates mechanical installation errors to a great extent and guarantees high shock resistance (2500 m/s2, 6 ms) and increased resistance to vibration (100 m/s2, 10...2000 Hz). The practical modular system offers an undreamt of array of choices in application and connection with the minimum of time and expense. Through hollow shafts up to 15mm, suitable fixing solutions and versatile connection technology are the key points. M12 connection technology is available not only for Fieldbus and Ethernet but also for SSI and BISS interfaces. 

The Fieldbus versions are available with bus cover (integrated fieldbus nodes) or as low-cost alternatives for direct connection to the controller (peer to peer), for example in automotive manufacture. They come equipped with the latest communication protocols and profiles. The CANopen as well as the CAN lift interfaces will be available from Q3 2006, then from Q4 2006 Profibus und Industrial Ethernet, (Ethercat, further down the line).