New highly robust Absolute Singleturn encoder in compact 36mm format, with magnetic sensor technology from Kübler

Kubler 4/16/2018

New Absolute Singleturn EncoderThe 3650 and 3670 series from Kübler offer a resolution of 9 bit with SSI, 4.. 20mA or 0 ..10V output. There is a suitable measuring range (45°, 90°, 180° or 360°) for every application. The encoders are particularly robust, compact and versatile. 

The non-contact magnetic measuring systems are not subject to wear and so offer a long service life and high reliability. The sturdy die-cast housing and the IP69K protection rating ensure the encoder remains sealed, even in the harshest environments, and offer the highest security against breakdowns in the field. Thanks to its wide temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and to an especially high resistance to humidity and condensation, the encoder is ideal for use outdoors, even with large fluctuations in temperature. Extremely high resistance to shock (>500g) and to vibration (>30g) guarantee that the encoders are better able to withstand difficult environmental conditions, thus avoiding machine stoppages and the need for repairs. 

The compact design as well as a blind hollow shaft of up to 10mm means the encoders can be used where space is restricted and can be mounted on a tight radius even with large shafts.

A green LED for reference point detection facilitates start-up, whilst a red LED simplifies fault diagnostics during maintenance. 

The attractive price/performance ratio as well as the compact design of the new 3650 and 3670 encoders from Kübler open up many fresh areas of application that till now had been closed to absolute encoders.