Programmable Angle Encoders

Kubler 4/16/2018

Programmable Angle EncodersKübler has introduced the customer programmable absolute angle encoder; by means of a simple DIP switch on the unit, the user can easily change from one predefined programme to another. Eight different customised configurations can be factory set. So for example, in an application such as tool changers quite varied divisions can be preconfigured over 360°, as well as strobe and parity checks.

The new angle encoder assigns an 8-bit output data word to each of 2048 positions over 360° and provides this as a parallel output. Up to 256 different output values are thus available. Depending on the programming the device can supply various combinations of incremental and absolute signals. Thanks to this function the new angle encoder is ideal for use in rotary indexing machines (e.g. for assembly, cleaning, blasting), where this technology can be applied. Further benefits for the user result from the minimal effort needed for assembly as well as the fact that the device can at any time easily be configured for the task in hand. 

This new device is a singleturn absolute encoder. Its compact size of just 50mm, its rugged construction as well as its IP 67 protection all go to make for high performance in tight spaces and the most adverse conditions. The resolution is 11 bit per revolution with an update rate of 10 kHz.

The new angle encoder also boasts the following technical advantages:

-simple cam function (max. 1024 cams on 8 outputs, max. 290 min-1)
-zero reference signal
-eight parallel output lines
-pushbutton setting of zero position
-LED indication of zero position
-supply voltage: 10 to 30 V, with polarity protection
-outputs: HTL push-pull driver, short-circuit-proof
-integrated single bit function check, (optional alarm bit possible)
-accuracy < ½ LSB
-high grade PUR cable