Quick and Easy Safety-M Compact SMC1 & SMC2

Kubler 4/16/2018

SMC1 and SMC2Speed monitoring. The compact basic modules of the Safety-M compact series are complete speed monitors in a small design. The removable operating and diagnostics display (OLED) allows easy configuration. Integration into existing safety circuits and upgrading of old machines is possible through the secure inputs/outputs and integrated signal splitter.


SMC1 and SMC2 Benefits

In order to guarantee safe interaction between man and machine, system and machine engineers are utilizing more and more safety technology. This results in new requirements and machine concepts. The compact base module of the Safety-M compact series impresses with critical functions and is easy to implement.The modules are used in the following applications: machine and system engineering, cranes, steelworks, wind turbines, stage technology, and storage and conveyor technology.

SMC1 and SMC2 Application uses