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Sendix F5888M Motor-Line Encoder

Kubler 4/16/2018

Sendix F5888M Motor-Line EncoderFor drive technology. An extremely low profile of only 43 mm and a through hollow shaft of max. 15 mm characterize the optical Sendix F5888M Motor-Line encoder. This opens up new possibilities for motor dimensions as well as installation in tight spaces. Kübler encoders and motors – a perfect match.

F5888M Benefits

Both incremental and absolute encoders are used in gear motors. One of the benefits of incremental encoders is their low profile. The Sendix F5888M Motor-Line encoder achieved this low profile in a compact design.Thanks to this low profile, these multiturn encoders continue to demonstrate their strengths in the following applications: standard motors, gear motors, and large motors.

F5888M Encoder Images