Sophisticated process displays and controllers for analogue input signals - multitalented and user-friendly

Kubler 4/16/2018

Sophisticated Process Displays and ControllersWith design and technology in mind, multifunctional and easy to handle, the Kübler Codix-Process Displays have always been highly appreciated by their users. Now the company presents these devices optimized with even better functions and operational possibilities. For example, their functionality is optimized with the minimum-maximum detection, the default-value setting, the display-hold function to save the read-out, the overflow-underflow signaling as well as the interval-limiting setting for all input signals.

Furthermore, the Codix Displays have been designed for three optional serial interfaces, namely the RS232, RS422 and RS485. This opens new possibilities for uses and applications. The devices can be parameterized over the interfaces, additional parameter data can be recalled through further processing on the device. The values will be show with ASCII-characters and thus with the aid of a Terminal-Editor they are very simple to sort and select. Alternatively Kübler offers EZ-Control, a very easy to use software that enables a simple operating start for the devices and assures a reliable operation of all the desired functions.

Moreover, functions such as upload and download, monitor and terminal program to easily diagnose as well as the reliable Online-view of the measured value, allow themselves to be effortless programmed. Besides, the Status and Function protocols of different components can be set up too. The dependable fault-diagnosis informs about possible weak points. Maintenance activities thus can be performed faster and more efficiently. Exact matching interface cables grant a quick operation start of the software and device without major cabling expenditure. An easy to use Online-Help program supports the user regarding all questions about the EZControl Software.

The CODIX Devices comprise Displays and Controllers in DIN-Format 96 x 48 mm and 48 x 24 mm for normal signals and temperature as well. The devices are placed in a sealed housing with an IP65 protection index and respectively control volume flow, filling levels, pressure or temperature. To facilitate reading out the Data, a very clear five digit LED display is used. Service and setup are realized with the comfortable oversized front-keys or through the interface as well.

To the versions with normal signals belong in also devices with double functions, for example on the instant value to be shown and at the same time the value is to be added up. Over one rising or falling programmable characteristic curve out of up to 24 control points, the input values allow themselves to be shown as prearranged values, and consequently non-linear curves can also be adjusted. Just as an example, for temperature observation there are devices available with two value-limit relays.

All devices can operate with supply voltages from 10 to 30 V DC or from 90 to 260 V AC. And finally we also provide two auxiliary voltages, 24 V DC or 10 V DC, to supply external sensors and components as well.