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Industrial PCs and Monitors for Machine Visualization

Lenze Americas 5/4/2016

Industrial PCs and Monitors for Machine VisualizationUXBRIDGE, MA – MAY 04, 2016 -- Lenze, a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology, is making it easier to operate and monitor machines with its new modern design v200-P Monitor, & v800-C & v800-P Industrial PCs with multi-touch for modern machine visualization.

The user-friendly monitor and Industrial PCs – available as an external stand-alone panel or to be cabinet-mounted – features a gesture-driven operating unit, with a human-machine interface and the operating program can be created intuitively with the engineering software VisiWinNET.  Blending rugged hardware, innovative software variants and an ergonomic operating concept, the solutions enable scalability and reliable performance in plant automation, material handling and other industrial machine applications.

“An increase in the number of custom machines brings challenges of reconciling set-up cycles with productivity.  Short set-up times can only be achieved by making machines easier to operate,” said Daniel Repp, business development manager for automation solutions, Lenze.  “Our v200 and v800 solutions for machine process visualization perform machine management, making it possible to easily control different operating statuses.” 

The Lenze v200 and v800 machine visualization solutions consist of modern and high-resolution hardware and software.  Navigation is considerably easier than with traditional menu driven systems.  Visual touch technology enables faster intuitive learning in a shorter time.  The high-definition terminals display process information more clearly than ever before.  The VisiWinNET-based touchscreen and visualization software helps machine operators better understand machine processes and, in the event of a machine fault, make efficient decisions as to next steps. 

Lenze v800 operating terminal hardware can be supplied as an external panel PC v800-P or an embedded panel v800-C.  The external panel features an IP65-rated stainless steel rear-housing to comply with strict requirements in food packaging and other industries. All versions of the v-Series are following hygienic design. The visualization system connects to the control system via Ethernet for real-time data exchange. Both panel styles consist of 4th generation Intel processors, integrated solid-state disks, and capacitive glass touchscreens available in screen sizes ranging 13.3” up to 24”. 

“Customers trust Lenze to make machine complexity more manageable.  Swipe, drag, zoom - these easy, intuitive movements are now available for modern machines with the v200 Monitor, and Industrial PC v800-P and v800-C.” adds Repp.