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Making Waves With The MC Drive

Lenze 7/16/2018
MC DriveMaking Waves With The MC Drive

Swimex specializes in the design and manufacture of fiberglass rehabilitation and conditioning pools for home and professional use. Well known amongst trainers, coaches and players, you'll find SwimEx users in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB as well as in colleges, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, gyms and residential homes. "The SwimEx approach works so well, says Product Engineer Mark Fryer, because it allows for precise control of the variables so that the exercise matches the needs and goals of the user."
Making Waves with the MC DriveEvery person is different, every situation, unique. "With SwimEx, you customize your workout by resistance of the current and by water depth. Our paddle wheel technology creates a laminar six foot wide river current with variable speeds up to 6.5 miles per hour - how you put it to work is up to you!" declares Fryer.

Supporting the precise customization of the SwimEx machines was a challenge well suited for the MC 1000 Series drive. "We needed the right drive to control the speed of the paddle-wheel propulsion system that creates the current," explains Fryer. "We looked for an inverter that would be capable of dealing with the pool's GFCI circuit breaker." In addition, the drive had to be the right size because space inside the enclosure is at a premium.

Selecting the MC 1000 Series Drive from Lenze - AC Tech made sense for Fryer and his team. "AC Tech worked with us, which sometimes is easier said than done!" comments Fryer, who continues, "They describe themselves as 'drive specialists,' and that's really how they work. They knew we had very definite needs, they took the time to understand them, and they met them."

Custom software, designed to lower the audible noise created by the motor, was one of the special requests that Lenze - AC Tech met, as were customer-specified air switches, and a serial communications port. "We are a developer and manufacturer of off-the-shelf variable frequency drives," explains Marketing Manager Deb Kling, adding, "but we have the in-house engineering capabilities that allow us to work directly with our customers to solve a wide range of mechanical and electrical concerns."

Fryer and his team agree that Lenze - AC Tech's approach to service coupled with their engineering capabilities make a combination that's hard to beat. "SwimEx customers do not settle for anything less than excellence and neither does SwimEx. It is imperative that we choose our own suppliers very carefully." With their innovative equipment and expert service, SwimEx meets this challenge, and backs it, down to the last detail, including their choice of the MC 1000 Series drive.

MC 1000 Benefits

• Simple to Obtain Custom Software
• Program Controller as Direct or Reverse-Acting
• Reliable, Repeatable, Rugged Performance
• Seamless Integration Into System
• Multiple Communication Protocols
• NEMA 1, 12, 4, 4X Enclosures Available