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Muting Reinvented

Leuze Electronic 5/11/2016

Muting ReinventedFor muting applications in conveyor and storage systems – especially in the automotive and packaging industries – muting sensors that clearly detect the approach of transported goods at the protective field so that the sensors can be bridged to enable passage at the right time have been necessary up to now.

Leuze electronic has developed the SPG process (Smart Process Gating) based on its MLC safety light curtains whereby the signal-emitting sensors can be dispensed with. Therefore, conveyor systems can be designed to be more compact and the risk of misalignment or damage to the sensors is eliminated as is the costs for their maintenance and servicing.

Furthermore, the purchasing costs, the wiring and risk of manipulation are reduced which increases the availability of the complete safety device. With SPG, the first muting signal comes from the process control (PLC), while the second muting signal is generated by the protective field itself. Smart Process Gating requires a detailed knowledge of the process so that the necessary SPS control signals are made available in the expected time window.