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SLS 518 Safety Device: Compact, even with the highest safety requirements

Leuze Electronic 1/13/2017

SLS 518 Safety DeviceWith the new type 4 SLS 518 single beam safety device in IP67 plastic housing, Leuze electronic presents a new model which, thanks to its compact housing dimensions and M18 cylindrical construction, is especially well suited for installation in confined spaces. It can be easily and flexibly integrated in a wide range of applications using an M12 plug.

In combination with the MSI-TRM monitoring device, the SLS 518 forms type 4 electro-sensitive protective equipment for applications which require Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 or Performance Level (PL)e. Designs with infrared light LED and red light laser are available for different operating ranges. Especially for shorter operating ranges, the infrared model is a cost-effective, type 4 entry-level solution.