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Electrically switchable lightweight brake for series applications

Magneta 1/25/2017

Switchable Lightweight BrakeElectromagnetic-switching spring-applied brakes have followed a generic design principle for decades: They mainly consist of metal and are fastened directly to other drive components with screw connections on their solid metallic housing. Kendrion has now developed a new concept in which the brake is embedded in a plastic housing. This patented design gives the user a holding brake with an improved electromagnetic performance. The magnetic scatter losses are significantly lower due to smaller iron cross sections. Further advantages result from simpler production and assembly steps as well as from the very low weight.

Compared to spring-applied brakes of similar power with metal housing, the plastic brakes are over 50% lighter. Possible application fields for the newly developed holding brakes are preferably serial applications in which one or more brakes are used in mobile drive units or devices. Also stair lifts, which are produced in high numbers, as well as light construction robots, which count on every gram, benefit from it.

The new brake fits perfectly into the overall strategic approach of the brake manufacturer because Kendrion Industrial Drive Systems will grow in the future in the field of spring-applied brakes. The customer-specific solution has resulted in a product, which does not need to be compared with the competition. A spring-applied brake, which generates from the given space such high nominal torque, will not be easy to find.