Product Change Announcement: 141 Series Power Blocks

Marathon Special Products 11/4/2016

Product Change AnnouncementMarathon Special Products is announcing a change in the design for 141 series power blocks. Since the tooling for this product line needed replaced, we also incorporated as many improvements as possible while limiting the impact on customers.

Functional improvements are:

-Oblong Mounting Holes (center-to-center dimensions remain the same, but the oblong hole allows flexibility in mounting)
-Snap-on Cover (vs. screw-on)
-DIN Clearance (can drop over DIN rail and mount to panel without cutting out rail section)
-Improved Aesthetics
-Removes Pole Step (to make symmetrical) 

General changes are:

-Minor Dimensional Changes (width and height only – see drawings below)
-Dovetail Removal 

This is a running change with no changes to the part numbers or ratings.

Products will be converted to the new insulator base on December 5, 2016, so all orders taken after that will be on the new insulator base.  Feel free to e-mail or call with any questions about this change.