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Msmart Intelligent Touch Screen Interface

Motortronics 1/31/2018
MSmart InterfaceThe Msmart interface is now available for use on select products and custom panels.
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VMX-B Soft Starter

Motortronics 12/7/2017
VMX-B Soft StarterIntroducing a new lower cost heavy-duty configured soft starter.
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Introducing VMX S.A.F.E.

Motortronics 6/1/2016

Introducing VMX S.A.F.E.The VMX S.A.F.E. Series is the ultimate product in the market today for Low Voltage Control which allows a Service Engineer / Electrician to do the job safely with minimum PPE.

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MLINK Software Update

Motortronics 5/16/2016

Motortronics has launched a major MLINK software update for their MVC, DXT, VMX, RX and TE-RTD12 product series.

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New MVC MLink 2016 Edition Now Available

Motortronics 3/1/2016
MVC MLink 2016 EditionMVC Programming, Startup and Diagnostics software for Windows.
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New Software Commissioning Tools

Motortronics 5/13/2015

New Software Commissioning ToolsMotortronics has launched brand new software commissioning tools for their MVC, DXT, VMX, RX and TE-RTD12 product series.

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MMTS Motor Test Stand Series

Motortronics 7/24/2014

MMTS Motor Test Stand SeriesIntroducing the new MMTS Motor Test Stand Series.

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VMX Compact Soft Starter now with 65KA Short Circuit Rating Standard

Motortronics 11/8/2013

VMX Compact Soft StarterWe are pleased to announce that the VMX Compact Soft Starter now has a short circuit rating of 65KA without semi-conductor fuses.

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New Mobile Web-Apps Available for MVC Plus, VMX, DXT, TE-RTD12 and RX

Motortronics 6/10/2013

New Mobile Web-AppsWe are pleased to announce the availability of our new series of mobile web-apps.

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Updated MWH Installation and Startup Manual Now Available

Motortronics 12/19/2012

Updated MWH ManualThe Motortronics MWH Series Solid State Motor Winding Heater is designed to prevent condensation build-up by applying a low level current to the AC motor windings when the motor is in the “off” condition.

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New MVF Series Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor Now Available

Motortronics 12/13/2012

MVF Series Vacuum ContactorMotortronics 7.2kV Class, ‘Non-Latching’ and ‘Latching’ Series of medium voltage three-phase indoor vacuum contactors can be used in power systems with a rated voltage of up to 7.2 kV and can be used for continuous AC operating currents of up to 400 amperes.

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Updated VMX Compact Soft Starter User Manual

Motortronics 3/23/2012

Updated VMX ManualFlexibility of Control: Multiple ramp profiles, Pump-FlexTM Decel, process control timers and advanced motor protection make the VMX Series soft starter adaptable to a wide variety of AC motor applications... no need for add-on modules or costly auxiliary devices.

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VCM Sensorless Vector AC Drive MLink 2012 Update Now Available

Motortronics 3/19/2012

Updated VCM DriveThis software offers users ease of programming, startup and troubleshooting for the VCM Sensorless Vector AC Drive.

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New TE-RTD12 User Manual and MLink 2012 Edition Now Available

Motortronics 1/18/2012

TE-RTD12 Series MLink SoftwareThe TE-RTD12 Series MLink software allows users to program, monitor and diagnose the TE-RTD12 Motor RTD Relay.

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Introducing the New TE-RTD12 Motor RTD Relay

Motortronics 11/3/2011

TE-RTD12 Motor RTD RelayThe TE-RTD12 Relay device adds advanced RTD (Resistor Temperature Detector) and differential current monitoring capability to your new or existing motor system.

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