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New MVF Series Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor Now Available

Motortronics 12/13/2012

MVF Series Vacuum ContactorMotortronics 7.2kV Class, ‘Non-Latching’ and ‘Latching’ Series of medium voltage three-phase indoor vacuum contactors can be used in power systems with a rated voltage of up to 7.2 kV and can be used for continuous AC operating currents of up to 400 amperes. Control voltage for the contactor is AC/DC 100~125V or AC/DC 200~230V, including an auxiliary relay with 3 NO and 2 NC contacts.

Non-Latching - uses constant-on electromagnetic coils to close, and hold closed the vacuum bottle contacts. When the power to the electromagnetic coil is removed, the vacuum chamber contacts spring open (termed as; electrically held contacts or non-latching contacts).

Latching - uses separate coils and mechanisms to both close and open the vacuum bottle contacts (termed as; mechanically held or latching, contact).

Rated Voltage: 7.2kV
BIL Voltage: 60kV
Rated Current: 400A

Available Configurations:

- Latching and Non-Latching: Fixed Mount, Dbl Terminal w/o counter, non-fused, 120VAC control.
- Latching and Non-Latching: Draw-out, Compartment Style, non-fused, 120VAC control.