New TE-RTD12 User Manual and MLink 2012 Edition Now Available

Motortronics 1/18/2012

TE-RTD12 Series MLink SoftwareThe TE-RTD12 Series MLink software allows users to program, monitor and diagnose the TE-RTD12 Motor RTD Relay.

Software features include:

-Parameter editing and commissioning 
-Parameter compare functions
-Parameter settings export to popular file format (PDF, XLS, RTF, etc...)
-Application Setup Wizard
-Visual Programming, point and click on visual terminal strip
-Monitor Panel with 4 programmable signals 
-Trend-recoder with 6 programmable channels, storage, triggering, playback and signal measuring mode (Avg, Min, Max, Peak).
-Status and Diagnostics Panel for quick status and fault history overview 
-Event History and Log
-Communication connection for serial, USB and Ethernet (Modbus/TCP)
-Built-in comprehensive help and product user manual
-Multi-drop network support for trend-recorder, monitor and diagnostics panel. 
-Demo modes for all interactive functions. 
-Built-in Automatic Software Updates