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Accurate Sensing in Small Spaces in an Easy-Mounting Housing

Omron 3/6/2019

E32 fiber-optic sensors provide reliable and accurate object detection in the smallest spaces and with the highest precision. The new fibers with hexagonal back further simplify the installation and reduce the probability of cable breakage.

Features and benefits

• 90° cable exit and high-flex fiber to prevent cable breakage prevention
• Hexagonal back for simplified one-nut mounting
• M3 through-beam and M6 diffuse-reflective models
• M3 and M6 coaxial diffuse reflective models for high precision detection

Features of Coaxial Reflective Type

• These Fiber Units offer better detection of small objects at close distances (of 2 mm or less) than Standard Reflective Fiber Units.
• They also detect glossy surfaces more reliably than Standard Reflective Fiber Units, even if the surface is tilted.
• The receiver fibers are arranged around the emitter fiber as shown below.

Features of the Right-angle Type

• Cable is less prone to snagging.
• Cable runs along the mounting surface for less space compared with Top-view Fiber Units.
• The nut is attached to the Fiber Unit to reduce installation work.

What Is “Flexible” Fiber?

• The flexible fiber has a small bending radius for easy routing without easily breaking.
• It is easy to use because the cable can be bent without significantly reducing light intensity.

Accurate sensing in small spaces in an easy-mounting housing

What Are Fiber Units with Build-in Lenses?

• These Fiber Units have built-in lenses.
• They feature high-power beams.
• You don't have to worry about the lens falling off and getting lost.