Omron Introduces New E32-LT/LD Cylindrical Fiber Heads with Built-in Lens

Omron 3/6/2019

The E32-LT/LD fiber series with built-in lens is the latest addition to our vast fiber optic portfolio. These new fiber units provide significant performance enhancement compared to standard fiber heads. Offered at an affordable price, they are an attractive alternative to solutions with separate lenses.

The new E32-LT/LD series contains M4 through-beams and M6 diffuse models with single-core and multi-core/high-flex fiber quality.

Increased sensing distance and precision

By reducing the spot angle from 60° to 15º, the built-in lens fiber provides up to 10 times the light intensity and allows much higher precision in object positioning compared to conventional fiber heads. In addition, it also reduces the risk of side reflection and mutual interference.

Omron introduces new E32-LT/LD cylindrical fiber heads with built-in lens

No need to attach separate lenses

The new built-in lens fibers eliminate possible failures that are typical of fibers that require a separate lens. There is no need to select a fiber-lens combination or attach a lens to the fiber head. The lens does not protrude for tighter installation. In addition, there is no risk of a lens falling off and getting mixed with product.

Omron introduces new E32-LT/LD cylindrical fiber heads with built-in lens

See the difference even for difficult-to-detect black workpieces!

The sensing distance is about twice that of conventional Fiber Units without lenses even for (small or low-reflective) workpieces that require short sensing distances due to small differences in incident level.The High Power ensures not only stable presence detection, but also the high precision required for long-distance positioning.