LP-M Series FAYb Laser Markers

Panasonic 1/20/2015

LP-M Series Laser MarkersPanasonic, a world leader in Industrial Automation Products, is pleased to announce the NEW LP-M Series FAYb Laser Markers! Compliant with IEC Categoy 3 safety standards (laser gate model), this high-power 40W FAYb laser marker is capable of marking angled & non-flat surfaces. Complex surfaces can be uniformly marked through the use of a third high speed axis which dynamically adjusts the focal length during the marking process to suit the shape of the object. A direct laser displacement sensor input improves mark quality in applications where the target surface-to-laser head distance varies from object to object. An available laser gate provides a secondary physical beam barrier which can be activated between each mark.


-Three Dimensional Marking
-Laser Displacement Sensor Input
-Optional Dual-Channel Safety Rated Interlock
-Optional Laser Gate
-REACH/RoHS Compliant


-Improved Productivity While Maintaining IEC Category 3 Compliance
-Uniform Marking on Complex, Uneven Surfaces
-Improved Marking Quality with Varying Working Distance
-Provides Secondary Beam Barrier


-Durable, Non-Contact, Direct-Object Marking
-Identification & Traceability