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Electrical Enclosure Lights

Saginaw Control & Engineering 11/10/2016

Electrical Enclosure LightsSCE is pleased to announce the release our LED Strip Lights with a compact design to provide interior lighting for smaller enclosures. Features of these electrical enclosure lights include:

-Combined AC & DC 24 to 265 voltage range allows universal use with only one single model
-ON/OFF Switch or Motion Sensor available
-Feed in / Feed out Push Fit Connector on each end of fixture
-Daisy Chain Adapter or cables allowing connection of up to 16 lights with AC and up to 8 lights with DC voltage
-Power Socket Adapter with resettable power circuit breaker
-Optional Daisy Chain or Power Supply Cords with Push Fit Connectors available
-Magnets provided for quick installation

Visit the Strip Light page on our website or contact your SCE sales representative for more information.