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sew eurodrive Blog

Spiroplan Right-Angle Gearmotors W37/W47

SEW Eurodrive 2/20/2012
SEW EurodriveHigh speed, high efficiency, and low noise makes the W37/W47 Spiroplan right-angle gear units from SEW-EURODRIVE the perfect choice for conveyors in the food, beverage, airport, and material handling industries as well as other logistics.
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New NEMA Type 4X / IP66 MOVITRAC LTE now available

SEW Eurodrive 7/29/2011
SEW Eurodrive SEW-EURODRIVE announces its new exceptionally lightweight and compact, NEMA Type 4X / IP66 inverter. The 2nd generation of MOVITRAC LTE brings the benefits of smart, easy-to-use motor control to demanding applications like food and beverage processing, conveying, fan/pump control, and metalworking.
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New stainless steel helical and helical bevel gear reducers from SEW-EURODRIVE give food processors efficient, hygienic design

SEW Eurodrive 4/1/2010
Helical Gear ReducerSEW-EURODRIVE announces the immediate release of the new RESF37 stainless steel helical gear reducer and KESA37 stainless steel helical bevel gear reducer. Efficient, long-life helical and helical bevel gearing means these units use less energy, run cooler and last longer than typical single-worm gear units. The material, design and smooth finish mean high resistance to bacteria, chemicals and processes common to the food processing industry.
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Synchronous servo gear units assure greater accuracy at faster speeds and cycle times

SEW Eurodrive 9/19/2009
Synchronous Servo Gear Units Increased flexibility and productivity for automated production systems is delivered by SEW-EURODRIVE in a new family of synchronous servo gear units. This modular product line can be used to create more than 6,000 different integrated solutions that combine servo gears directly with synchronous servomotors.  
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Mechatronic drive solution earns SEW-EURODRIVE recognition for Product Innovation of the Year

SEW Eurodrive 10/16/2008
DriveSEW-EURODRIVE, a global leader in drive engineering, has been recognized by Frost and Sullivan for its pioneering work in the development of the world’s first truly mechatronic drive system. The company cited MOVIGEAR®, which integrates motor, drive and matching drive electronics in a single compact housing, with its Product Innovation of the Year award.
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Computing power in PLC-on-a-card can master up to 64 axes

SEW Eurodrive 10/6/2008
PLC-on-a-card Greater computing power and memory that can be used to automate an entire machine from a single PLC-on-a-card has been introduced by SEW-EURODRIVE in its advanced version of MOVI-PLC®. The new PLC can handle up to 64 axes for complex motion control applications, with curves calculated online, multi-axis interpolation and kinematic transformation. 
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Aseptic gearmotors from SEW-EURODRIVE feature new motor designed to stand up to aggressive cleaning processes

SEW Eurodrive 9/30/2008
AsepticPlus GearmotorA new IP69K-rated motor with a smooth-bodied, hygienic design is at the heart of the new ASEPTICplus gearmotor from SEW-EURODRIVE. The resulting hygienic gearmotor is designed to perform reliably in the high pressure, high temperature washdown conditions found in the food processing industry, where the aggressive cleaning agents and processes needed to maintain a hygienic environment are a frequent cause of electrical and mechanical failures. 
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MOVITRAC® LTE B drive from SEW-EURODRIVE delivers compact, economical control for simple machines

SEW Eurodrive 6/3/2008
MOVITRAC LTE B drive Exceptional control for simple machines is now more affordable with the introduction of SEW-EURODRIVE's MOVITRAC LTE B, a frequency inverter designed to simplify control of asynchronous motors. The new drive, with dynamic braking, better low speed motor control and embedded communications, is an economical solution for a wide range of applications.
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Machine diagnostics simplified with integration of AS-Interface into MOVIMOT® C gearmotors

SEW Eurodrive 5/27/2008
MOVIMOT C GearmotorA new AS-Interface offering improved diagnostic capabilities is now standard with MOVIMOT C, SEW-EURODRIVE's line of gearmotors with integral frequency inverters. Designed for real-time communications at the sensor or actuator level, AS-Interface provides fail-safe connectivity under the most challenging ambient conditions. It links easily to higher-level fieldbus and Ethernet networks.
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SEW-EURODRIVE introduces next generation Decentralized Control for sophisticated material handling applications.

SEW Eurodrive 1/8/2008
Decentralized ControlSEW-EURODRIVE, a world leader in integrated power transmission and motion control solutions, has introduced MOVIFIT Field Integrated Technology, the next generation in intelligent decentralized control. The award-winning MOVIFIT combines the advantages of decentralized control with the latest in drive application and communication technologies for automotive, food and beverage, logistics and other sophisticated material handling applications.
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New IP55/NEMA 12 version of SEW's MOVITRAC® LTE now available

SEW Eurodrive 1/7/2008
MOVITRAC LTE An exceptionally compact footprint and the rugged housing of SEW-EURODRIVE's new IP55/NEMA 12 version of MOVITRAC LTE bring the benefits of smart, easy-to-use motor control to demanding applications like food and beverage processing, conveying, fan and pump control and metalworking.  
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Synchronous servomotors from SEW-EURODRIVE provide economical solution for precise, dynamic control

SEW Eurodrive 8/17/2007
Synchronous ServomotorDynamic performance, precision, adaptability and long service life are the key advantages of a new line of synchronous servomotors from SEW-EURODRIVE, a world leader in power transmission and motion control solutions.
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Compact MOVITRAC® B inverters from SEW-EURODRIVE feature plug-and-play design for easy start-up

SEW Eurodrive 11/3/2006
MOVITRAC B InverterA compact new line of frequency inverters from SEW-EURODRIVE features an optional plug-in keypad and communication modules that provide quick set-up of parameters and extensive diagnostics capabilities.
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SEW-EURODRIVE integrates plc and motion control for flexible and functional distributed control systems

SEW Eurodrive 10/29/2006
Distributed Control SystemA new slimline controller series from SEW-EURODRIVE that integrates PLC control and motion control in one compact device takes distributed control to the next level of functionality. By moving control system intelligence to the device level, MOVI-PLC® enables OEMs and their customers to gain unprecedented design engineering flexibility, efficiency of operation and overall system cost savings.
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SEW-EURODRIVE adds larger sizes to innovative keyless hollow shaft mounting system for helical gears

SEW Eurodrive 5/17/2006
Keyless Hollow Shaft Mounting SystemSEW-EURODRIVE has expanded its revolutionary TorqLOC keyless hollow shaft mounting system to fit larger parallel shaft helical and helical bevel gear units. Nineteen new sizes cover shaft diameters from 3.25 to 5.0 inches (80 to 125mm) and are available in steel or stainless steel for harsh environments.
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SEW-EURODRIVE integrates drive operator panels into power transmission solutions

SEW Eurodrive 2/22/2006
Drive Operator PanelSimplicity of operation and versatile control functionality are delivered in five new operator terminals from SEW-EURODRIVE, one of the world's leading manufacturers of integrated gearmotor and drive solutions for power transmission and motion control. The rugged display terminals are designed to help operators easily access, diagnose and optimize production processes.
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