SEW-EURODRIVE integrates drive operator panels into power transmission solutions

SEW Eurodrive 2/22/2006

Drive Operator PanelLyman, SC - February 23, 2006 - Simplicity of operation and versatile control functionality are delivered in five new operator terminals from SEW-EURODRIVE, one of the world's leading manufacturers of integrated gearmotor and drive solutions for power transmission and motion control. The rugged display terminals are designed to help operators easily access, diagnose and optimize production processes.

In modern factories with decentralized control, being able to easily monitor and troubleshoot machines can reduce downtime and unnecessary costs. The high-quality visualization and control tools provided by SEW display panels make it easy for operators to determine whether highly automated processes that require synchronous operation are being performed with accuracy.

In addition to direct communication with the drive, the SEW operator panels have built-in recipe controls, alarm management, multi-level password security and optional Ethernet TCP/IP or Profibus DP connectivity. The panels allow pass through access to drive data and simultaneous communication with two information sources, such as a PLC and drive. Along with free programming software, the displays have a wide array of drivers for third-party devices.

The five panel styles include 2 x 20 pixel LDC text display, 240 x 64 pixel LCD graphics display, 320 x 240 pixel VGA touch display, 320 x 240 pixel VGA color display and 640 x 480 pixel VGA touch display. Many of the panels come with an IP65 membrane keypad with navigation keys, numeric keypad and additional function keys.