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SolaHD Hevi-Duty DOE 2016 Compliant Distribution Transformer Designs

Sola Hevi Duty 4/16/2018

TransformersTransformers remain a key and essential part of our nation’s electrical infrastructure as they power industrial, commercial and residential applications.
Improving energy efficiency is a priority at the U.S. Departmen?t of Energy (DOE) which has the legal authority to define energy efficiency levels and enforce manufacturers to be compliant. Over the last several years, the DOE has worked to established new and more stringent energy efficiency levels for distribution transformers. These new efficiency levels are expected to reduce energy losses over the current TP-1 low-voltage dry-type distribution transformers by an average of 18% over the life of the new program.  This new law will go into effect January 1, 2016. Environmentally conscious consumers and manufactures recognize that buying a higher energy efficient transformer will have both a financial and environmental impact in the coming years.

SolaHD knows that transformers are a key part of the United States infrastructure. As the manufacturer of H?evi-Duty transformers, we are dedicated to providing customers products? of unsurpassed quality, manufactured in the United States. Our low-voltage, dry-type models will meet the new DOE 2016 energy-efficiency requirements for distribution transformers that go into effect January 1, 2016.