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KDR MA Frame Reactor

TCI Trans Coil 3/26/2018

Maximize your panel space and provide a cost effective solution to harmonic distortions with the MA Frame Reactor .

TCI Transcoil now offers a reactor with a smaller footprint for 0.25 HP - 3.0 HP motors in 480 V. MA frame reactors are available in voltage selections from 208 V to 690 V.

• Smallest footprint available
• The only UL Listed 690 V terminal block reactor on the market
• Vertical tool access for easy installation
• Accessory adapter plates available to accommodate different mounting footprint requirements

MA Frame Reactor

Drives and other sensitive devices are vulnerable to electrical distortion on the line. The KDR line reactor provides a cost-effective solution to this issue. Our existing line reactors are a vital component in reducing downtime and increasing the life of your variable frequency drives.

The addition of a KDR Line Reactor, such as the MA frame, will reduce harmonic distortion, which reduces the total RMS current, thereby improving the total power factor.

• Nuisance tripping is less common
• Drive downtime is reduced
• Power factor is improved
• Smaller reactor footprint to use less panel space

New Winding Capabilities
We improved the process of building reactors with automated coil winding. This allows out team to build reactors quicker for faster lead times. Click on the video below to see the new coil winding process.

480 V/60 Hz Open low Impedance chartImpendance Chart 2Impendance chart 3