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Toshiba 12/8/2008

HVAC Adjustable Speed Drive Q9Toshiba International Corporation, December 11, 2008 - Toshiba is proud to introduce its newest adjustable speed for the HVAC market, the Q9. This flagship product is designed for commercial variable torque applications such as fans and pumps for VAV Systems, cooling towers, and pump systems. The Q9 is offered in 460 V, 1 to 100 HP and 230 V, 1 to 60 HP, and is now available for purchase.

 The Q9 is a progression of Toshiba’s popular Q7 drive, and is designed to be the ultimate HVAC solution. The Q9 is user-friendly and provides the most popular features found in other Toshiba drives. It has an overload rating of 100% continuous and 110% for one minute. The Q9 features damper permissive control which prevents the drive from running when the dampers are closed. This feature is available for use in bypass mode and if the drive is being used alone. The drive also offers a Low Output Disable function which forces the drive to zero-speed if it operates at the lower limit frequency for a user-defined time span, commonly referred to as the Sleep function. This allows for additional energy savings during times when there is not a demand for heating or cooling. The Q9’s Speed Search function allows the drive to detect the speed and direction, and then adjust to a spinning motor in case of power outage.

In addition to the popular drive features mentioned above, the Q9 sets a new standard for HVAC drives. The Q9 comes standard with an EMI filter that reduces the amount of ASD generated RF/EMI interference that can negatively affect the operation of sensors, relays, and other electronic devices on the same electrical system. This grounding capacitor brings the Q9 into compliance with the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) directive. The Q9 is capable of communicating with ASHRAE’s (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) approved communication protocol, BACnet. In addition, the drive contains a PID setup sub-menu that allows for quick PID control configuration. All parameters associated with PID control are found in this submenu, eliminating additional programming steps that were previously required in Toshiba HVAC drives.

 Toshiba International Corporation, located in Houston, Texas, is a Toshiba America Inc. (TAI) Group Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, and is a world leader in the design and manufacture of adjustable speeds drives, motors, motor controls, uninterruptible power systems, LED displays, and network and automation system products. TIC has a proud tradition of quality, innovation, reliability, and a commitment to customer service.

TIC entered the adjustable speed drives market in 1981 and since then has steadily grown this sector of business. By following the most stringent standards TIC’s drives division has set a new benchmark in innovation, reliability, size, and safety. Today, TIC produces low and medium voltage adjustable speed drives ranging from fractional to 5000 HP and 230 to 4600 V. These drives are suitable for virtually any application and any environment.