A Variety of Flow Sensors for All of Your Flow Applications

TURCK 6/7/2018

The rugged design and high repeatability of TURCK flow sensors bring a new level of reliability to flow monitoring. Many sensors have an enclosure rating of IP 67, in addition to a pressure resistance of 1450 psi, while other models are able to withstand aggressive materials such as acids and caustics. TURCK flow sensors are available as in-line models, self-contained devices, or probe styles (with a separate signal processor), and are able to perform in many different media, such as liquids, gases and airflow. TURCK flow monitors have a temperature gradient of 250°C/minute, which allows them to respond rapidly to changes in temperature and makes them especially suited to applications such as monitoring coolant flow to weld tips. Our wide range of flow products offer a solution to many flow applications.

Solid State with No Moving Parts

All TURCK flow sensors are solid-state devices that operate on the calorimetric principle.  With this technology there are no moving parts that may break off or become lodged in the pipeline.  Often in impure or "dirty" flow applications, mechanical devices tend to become frozen or stuck in the "open" position making TURCK electronic sensors a much better choice in these applications.  No matter how demanding your application, you now have a solution that installs easily, performs dependably, and does not require expensive downtime.

Product Features

• All wetted parts are made of Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastelloy or Teflon
• Omni-directional monitoring allows you to monitor the flow in any direction
• Automatic temperature compensation allows for sudden shifts in flow temperature within specified extremes

A Variety of Flow Sensors for All of Your Flow Applications
TURCK offers longer probe lengths for use in applications where there is a larger pipe, or long standoff, in many different probe style flow sensors. These probes are available in 20 millimeter increments with a maximum length of 220 millimeters.  Consult factory for more information.

TURCK: Delivering Advanced Automation Products

As the market for automation components continues to evolve and requires smarter, smaller, more robust sensing and productivity products, TURCK is rising to meet these challenges with a complete offering of automation components. Established as the industry's leading brand in proximity sensors, the TURCK name is synonymous with high-quality, rugged sensing products.  Now users can expect that same quality in an expanded offering of automation products that will help improve their processes and profits.

A Digital Read Out Flow Sensor for Your Flow Monitoring Applications

The rugged design and high repeatability of TURCK's Digital Read Out (DRO) flow sensor brings a new level of reliability to flow monitoring.  This self-contained, fully programmable sensor allows for both flow and temperature monitoring, and features a highly visible three-digit display that can alternate between flow rate and media temperature when required.

The DRO flow monitor allows the user to program set points specific to an application, and can be programmed to perform in many different media, such as water, glycol and Galden HT110.  If the fluid is a glycol/water mix, the percentage of glycol can be selected so that the monitor can adjust to each unique application without the need for factory calibration.  The DRO flow monitor has an adjustable filter to smooth out a variety of erratic flow conditions, and is able to monitor changes in flow as low as 0.2 gallons per minute (GPM) or as fast as 12 GPM.

A Variety of Flow Sensors for All of Your Flow Applications

This unique flow monitor can be programmed with two different set points to reflect flow rate.  It can be programmed to have one set point monitor flow and one point monitor temperature.  A model with 4 set points is also available, where two points monitor flow and two points monitor temperature.  And an analog current monitor is available with one set point.

The DRO flow monitor also features programmable on and off time delay functions, and allows the user to define hysteresis for both the flow and temperature set points.  It is manufactured with a standard eurofast M12 connector, has a pressure rating of 145 psi, and can be ordered with a number of different fluid connections; making  the DRO flow monitor an economical solution for your demanding flow applications.

Typical Applications:

• Weld Tip Protection
• Transformer Cooling
• Semiconductor Chamber Cooling
• Hot Roller Coolant

Solid-State with No Intrusive or Moving Parts

The DRO flow monitor is an in-line device that approximates flow rate without disrupting the flow.  Typical flow monitors often need to be installed by a specialist so that the monitor is precisely oriented to the direction of flow.  These devices are also prone to material build up, which can affect the accuracy of the monitor.

The DRO flow monitor is a solid-state device that operates on the calorimetric principle, resulting in a sensor with no moving parts that can break or become lodged in the pipeline.  This technology, combined with the in-line mounting of the sensor, allows the DRO flow monitor to perform dependably in a variety of demanding applications without concern for flow restriction or expensive downtime.

A Variety of Flow Sensors for All of Your Flow Applications

Product Features

• Selectable Media Inputs
• Flow/Temperature Readout
• User Programmable Set Points
• User Programmable Keypad
• Mounts Directly Into Pipeline
• 3 Digit - Highly Visible Display
• Adjustable On and Off Delay
• Adjustable Filtering
• Low Pressure Drop
• Solid-State Device
• Stainless Steel Wetted Parts
• Password Protected Programming

Selectable Media

• Water
• Deionized Water
• Ethylene Glycol (0-70%)
• Galden
• HT110
• Galden
• HT135