Inductive Cylinder Position Sensors

TURCK 6/6/2018
Cylinder Position Sensors "UNT" and "UNR" Styles
TURCK Permaprox Cylinder Position Sensors are used for the detection of magnet equipped pistons on pneumatic and other types of cylinders. These non-contact sensors are able to determine the position of the cylinder piston without diminishing the integrity of the cylinder itself. This allows the sensors to operate without intruding upon the cylinder, keeping the system completely intact.
TURCK Inductive Cylinder Position Sensors
Cylinder brackets allow TURCK sensors to mount on most cylinder styles including round, tie-rod, extruded profile groove and dovetail versions.
TURCK has taken the approach of using only two sensor styles along with various adapter brackets to fit each individual cylinder’s requirements. The "UNT" and "UNR" housings were designed to fit into specific grooves found in extruded profile type cylinders as stand alone devices without the need for any additional brackets. The UNT style was made to fit into a 5.2 mm "T" groove and the INR was made for use in a 4.0 mm round groove, neither requiring additional hardware for mounting. Both of these designs allow the sensor to be dropped in from above anywhere along the span of the cylinder.
We translated this "drop in from the top" approach when designing the adapter brackets as well. By eliminating the need to slide the sensor in from the end of the cylinder it reduces installation time, alleviates the need for the cylinder to be disassembled, and allows for installation right on the floor without interrupting the operation of the cylinder. These sensors are manufactured using a plastic overmolding technology, which allows us to completely seal sensors into smaller packages without compromising on durability. Smaller sensors that are compact with very low profiles also reduce the chance of damage when mounted to the outside of the cylinder.
Inductive Cylinder Position Sensors