Instrumentation Connectivity

TURCK 6/6/2018
Instrumentation Connectivity

What connectivity products does TURCK offer for use in conjunction with its instrumentation products?

Standard PVC Insulation

TURCK PVC cable has a standard temperature rating of +105°C (+221°F), a high dielectric strength and insulation resistance. It also has an outstanding resistance to ozone, acids, alkalis, alcohols, most solvents, oils, gasoline, greases and waxes. All TURCK PVC is weather and atmosphere rated to UL 62 for ultraviolet radiation resistance. It is inherently tough and flame, abrasion, and moisture resistant. Oil resistant varieties used on TURCK cordsets will not soften or swell in the presence of oil. The plasticizer used in PVC may, however, migrate. Continuous exposure to hot oil and cutting fluids may cause embrittlement and cracking.

Our standard cable construction is PVC insulated inner conductors of high-flex stranding with extruded outer jacket. A separator is utilized to ensure easy machine and hand stripping. Extruded construction is inherently non-wicking because of the absence or minimal use of fillers. Extrusion also minimizes convolutions and provides a near perfect circular cross section. Standard PVC is used in eurofast, minifast, microfast, picofast, and V*fast, valve connector cordsets and carries CSA and UL approvals. Some PVC cables also have MSHA approval – consult factory for specifics.

Our TPU (Thermoplastic Thermoplastic Polyurethane) cable is over-jacketed and  bonded to a PVC inner core. The extruded construction is inherently non-wicking. The TPU over-jacket provides superior resistance to oils and lubricants, including cutting oils, transmission fluids (ATF), and gasoline. The abrasion resistance is comparable to Neoprene or other rubber including thermoset rubbers. TURCK “/S90” cable is UL listed and flame resistant to UL 94 VO. TPU is not degraded by exposure to Ozone, making it excellent for outdoor use.

TURCK “/S90” cable carries CSA and UL approvals and is used in eurofast, minifast, microfast, picofast and multifast and V*fast valve connector cordsets. With an “/S90” indicator some TPU cables also have MSHA approval - consult the factory for specifics.

S101 – flexlife-20

This is a unique construction of high-flex, low stress cable using custom compounded TPE or TPU extruded jacket with flexible stranded conductors. It is designed for robotic and other continuous motion applications. flexlife-20 guarantees increased performance to provide 20 million cycles of continuous flexing, bending, and twisting motion found in C-track, robotic and other motion systems.
TURCK Instrumentation Connectivity