Levelprox Level Sensors

TURCK 6/6/2018
WHAT IS A levelprox SENSOR?

levelprox is a unique, non-invasive ultrasonic sensing solution that provides accurate media detection through metal container walls. levelprox mounts to the outside of a container with no compromise to structural integrity and it is ideal for hazardous or sterile applications. levelprox detects the presence of liquid through a metal container by programming the empty and full conditions into the sensor via a simple teach button. The sensor generates a high frequency ultrasonic pulse that is transferred into the container wall through a coupling gel. As the pulse enters the container wall it is influenced by the containers contents. The sensor analyzes this pulse and compares it to the pre-programmed conditions.


• Dual operating modes: The reverb mode works well for liquids with low viscosity, leaving little or no coating on the container wall. The reverb mode should also be used when stirring devices exist inside the container. The echo mode works well with highly viscous liquids. The echo mode looks past the layers of product that can coat the inside of a container to give the true level of the product.
• Available with stainless steel housing with an integrated sanitary connection for washdown locations(T50); also available in a 30mm barrel housing for areas where washdowns do not occur.
• Mounting accessories are available for welding, bonding and strapping levelprox sensors to most common containers; an integrated flange maintains proper orientation to the tank wall and protects the coupling during washdown operations.

• Non-invasive operation makes it the perfect choice for applications in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
• Food and beverage
• Pharmaceutical
• Wastewater
Reverb mode: Evaluates the ultrasonic pulse as it reverberates within the container wall. This pulse travels through the container wall until it reaches the inner wall.
Levelprox Level Sensors
Echo mode: Evaluates the ultrasonic pulse as it travels through the liquid and echoes off of the opposite container wall.
Levelprox Level Sensors
Recommended operating mode
Liquids contaminated with solids
Containers with internal mixing devices
Containers greater than 6 ft across
Aerated liquid

Liquids that leave film on container walls
Containers with internal coating

Mounting the T50 levelprox

One of the most critical procedures in any levelprox application is the mounting of the sensor. Reliable operation of the sensor requires a mount that is rigidly fixed and properly oriented to the container wall.

Surface Preparation:
The surface finish and structural integrity of the container wall need to be evaluated when selecting a mounting location for the sensor. The surface finish should be smooth and free of rust, paint, and coatings that could affect the sound transmission of the sensor. The area of the tank where the sensor will mount should be in good condition, i.e. no pitting, dents, welded joints, internal structures, etc. If you are using a weld-on mount, be aware that excessive heat from the welder can distort thin walled containers.

Mounting the Sensor:
The levelprox needs to make solid contact with the container wall for proper operation. Ideally, the clamping adapter should be mounted perpendicular to the container wall. In the case of a round container, the sensor should be mounted so that the transducer is pointing at the center axis. TURCK offers several mounting options designed to keep the sensor optimally coupled with the wall of the

Included with every TURCK levelprox is a small container of coupling gel. This gel is required for the sensor to efficiently pass the ultrasonic pulses into the container wall. Before installing the sensor on the container, remember to apply a generous amount of the gel to the sensor's transducer surface.
Levelprox Level Sensors