Pressure Controls Flexible Solution

TURCK 6/8/2018

Designed with Features to Meet your Needs

The complete line of TURCK pressure controls present a wide range of pressure-sensing products that have been designed for versatility and efficiency in a variety of pressure monitoring applications.  Our electronic pressure controls are well suited for use in pneumatic and hydraulic systems where there is a need to monitor, measure or control the pressure of both liquids and gases.  If your application requires pressure monitoring, TURCK pressure controls are the right choice for you.

Solid State Reliability

The piezo-resistive measuring cells offer an extremely high overpressure resistance, which in turn produces a pressure control that is remarkably stable.  The robust housings and ceramic piezo-resistive measuring cells combined with solid-state reliability give these controls a 10 million-cycle rating.  The high shock and vibration resistance allow these devices to function safely and reliably even in the harshest of environmental conditions.

Pressure Controls from TURCK for Multiple Applications

TURCK pressure controls can be used in a wide variety of applications with either liquids or gases.  Whether it's control in hydraulic systems or monitoring of pressure in welding guns, TURCK pressure controls are designed to provide reliable data in your harshest application.

TURCK Pressure Controls Offer a Flexible Solution to Any Pressure Application

Some common applications include:
• Air Compressors
• Hydraulic Clamping Systems
• Bad Filter Detection
• Vacuum for Pick-up and Transfer of Product
• Pneumatic Systems
• Hydraulic Accumulators
• Injection Molding Machines
• Press Machines
• Automotive Welding Pressure
• Machine Coolant
• Pump Run Dry

Implementing process control into your system should not require a redesign of your process.  Why not choose a sensor that can be modified to meet your unique specifications?  Robust, solid state, and available in several programmable styles - the TURCK Pressure Controls have the flexibility to adapt and perform in many applications.

A Pressure Sensor Designed with the Customer Applications in Mind

• High Accuracy

The PS400 and PS500 provide an accuracy rating of ±0.5 percent of full scale.

• Flexible Mounting Options

Multiple threaded connections and a unique coupling (PS500) make them easy to mount in a variety of applications.

• Easy to Operate

Push buttons and enter keys for quick and easy programming.

• Robust Design

An environmental rating of IP 67 provide operational durability in harsh applications.

TURCK Pressure Controls Offer a Flexible Solution to Any Pressure Application

Simple Programming

The new high accuracy programmable pressure sensors combine high accuracy and performance with simple programming, resulting in an extremely user friendly sensor.  The sensor is easily programmed via three controls: two push buttons for scrolling through programming features, and one recessed enter key.  The push buttons are finger operated, and used to make value selections in the menu or to scroll through the various menu options. The recessed button is used to store selected values, and prevents programmed values from being inadvertently altered. The menu is clear and concise to allow parameters such as set points, reset points, output functions, analog ranges, and a range of special options to be programmed with ease.  The menu also includes an optional electronic lockout that disables the push buttons from functioning until the lockout is removed.

Stock Reduction

The PS400 and PS500 sensors are specified with an accuracy of 0.5 percent exceeding what is required by the machine engineering sector. The combination of high accuracy and flexible programming often allows a single sensor to replace several conventional sensors (with varying sensing ranges) resulting in a significant reduction in inventory.  The LI2UPN8X output version allows the user to select current analog output with 1 set
point or 2 set points.  This allows 1 sensor to replace two part numbers.

Flexible Mounting Options

The high accuracy programable pressure sensors feature a large, bright, 4-digit, 7-segment LCD display with a constant indication of pressure in either psi (pounds per square inch), bar, kPa (kilopascals), or MPa (megapascals).  This display is tilted at a 45° angle, and can be inverted
electronically for easy reading in a variety of applications.  IO user selectable units include: millibar, millimeters or mercury, inches of water, feet of water, inch of #g Mercury, meter of water and kilograms per square centimeter.

The PS400 and PS500 pressure sensors are encased in a compact, 34 mm diameter housing with various threaded connections for simple, versatile installation.   This allows several sensors to be mounted in close proximity to one another, and is advantageous when space is at a premium.  The PS500 series also features a process connection that allows the housing to rotate 360 degrees for optimal viewing prior to locking the sensor in place.  These features allow the PS400 and PS500 pressure sensors to be utilized in a wide variety of applications.

TURCK Pressure Controls Offer a Flexible Solution to Any Pressure Application

Robust Design

The innovative PS400 and PS500 pressure sensors were designed to tolerate tough applications.  Stainless steel housing with an integrated stainless steel M12 eurofast connector enables fast and reliable installation.  The sensors also offer a variety of stainless steel pressure connections including G1/4 and 1/4-18 NPT threads.

The sensors are highly resistant to overpressure and burst pressure, yet they also incorporate a patented medium stop system that prevents leakage when these levels are exceeded.  The media stop system immediately seals the sensor if the pressure cell has been damaged, and can prevent liquid leakage if burst pressure is exceeded.

Noise Immune

The PS400 and PS500 programmable sensors offer a high level of protection against interference from sources that produce high levels of EMI (such as frequency converters and stepper motors) and other plant noise.  These features were incorporated to create a pressure sensor ideal for use virtually anywhere.

Tough Industrial Pressure Transmitters

TURCK Pressure Controls Offer a Flexible Solution to Any Pressure Application

TURCK's industrial pressure transmitters combine the reliability of solid-state design with the durability of Stainless Steel. The result is a pressure transmitter that provides accurate and dependable pressure measurement in demanding applications.  At the heart of the transmitter is a proven ceramic component technology that provides long-term stability and a high tolerance to overpressure conditions. A patented media stop, included with devices rated over 600 bar, contains the process media in the event that the burst pressure is exceeded. The housing is constructed of Stainless Steel and provides an IP 67 level of protection. The fluid connection is a standard G 1/4 or 1/4 NPT thread that works with all of TURCK's existing pressure accessories. All of the transmitters include an M12x1 eurofast quick disconnect, making them compatible with TURCK's extensive line of cordsets and junction boxes.

TURCK Pressure Sensors and Transmitters with Diaphragms Installed


In many pressure applications, there is a need to separate the pressure sensor from the media it is sensing via an isolation device. TURCK offers a variety of diaphragm seals that are attached either directly or remotely to the pressure device to provide this isolation.  The diaphragms that TURCK offers are all manufactured and installed by PI Components, and are not available as a separate item.  This insures that the quality of the assembly is maintained for optimum accuracy. The TURCK pressure sensor is attached into the top of the diaphragm housing, which is then filled with fluid.  The sensor receives the pressure hydraulically via this internal medium.  The lower half of the diaphragm housing adapts to the process connection, and is designed to contain the process medium as it acts against the thin membrane located between the two housings.


TURCK offers the diaphragms in numerous wetted material options, as well as with many different fill fluids to solve any application. Typical process applications that require the use of a diaphragm include:

• Sanitary Applications
• Corrosive Processes
• Viscous Applications
• Applications Where Freezing Media Can Clog The Sensor

TURCK Pressure Controls Offer a Flexible Solution to Any Pressure Application
Pressure Transmitter with S1605 Sanitary Diaphragm

Innovative Pressure Sensor and Diaphragm Solutions

TURCK is the market leader in providing innovative sensor solutions for industrial automation applications. TURCK's high quality, high performance pressure sensors and pressure transmitters can be combined with multiple styles of diaphragms to give our customers an infinite selection of unique pressure sensing solutions.

TURCK offers diaphragms in numerous wetted material options, as well as with many different fill fluids.  This broad selection provides custom sensing solutions for the most diverse pressure applications.  Parts numbers should be developed through your TURCK representative or application support.  In general, the formula below illustrates how to configure a custom sensor and diaphragm assembly.

TURCK Pressure Controls Offer a Flexible Solution to Any Pressure Application