Reelfast Bulk Cable Program

TURCK 3/7/2017

Reelfast Bulk Cable ProgramAs an industrial innovator of factory and process automation solutions, Turck announces the Reelfast Bulk Cable Program, which provides customers with a convenient solution to their cabling needs. Turck offers the broadest industry specific cable platforms with a wide variety of agency approvals, including UL, CSA, MSHA, IEEE, IEC and ABS. Each cable is specifically designed with quality, performance and durability in mind to ensure your application demands are met.

Turck stocks more than 5.5 million meters of wire and cable for industrial and process automation applications ensuring quick delivery to our customers. Additionally, the Reelfast Bulk Cable program is sold per meter - with no minimum or maximum length - allowing users to order the exact amount required.

“Cable is the essential link between devices in industrial automation, equipment manufacturing and process automation,” said April Ankrum, Senior Product Manager for Turck. “This connection is relied on to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as grease and oils, cleaning agents, extreme temperatures, abrasive surroundings and continuous flexing. The introduction of the Reelfast Bulk Cable program allows us to work closer with our customers to provide off the shelf solutions for all their cabling needs.”

The cables have been organized into unique platforms to make it easier for customers to locate the desired products. Each platform has its own specific UL, CSA and other appropriate agency approvals, as well as specific cable jacket materials, conductor insulation materials and wire size ranges.

Platform Types:
Instrumentation Tray Cable
General Purpose Cable
Instrumentation Tray/Exposed Run/Direct Burial Cable
Power Tray/Exposed Run/Direct Burial Cable
Industrial Ethernet Cable
Fieldbus Technology Cable
Extremelife Cable
Flexlife Cable
Weldlife Cable
Armorfast Instrumentation Cable
Flexible Service Cable
Washdown Cable
Halogen Free Cable/Low Smoke Cable