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Smart Labels Extend RFID Offering


Smart Labels Extend RFID OfferingTurck is now offering additional Smart Labels for the BL ident Complete Modular System. This addition enables the Mülheim automation specialists to provide its customers with a particularly comprehensive selection of tags, offering maximum flexibility in the implementation of customized identification solutions from a single source.

Smart labels are RFID tags that are used in open cycles (i.e., tags that normally leave the plant or production cycle). Compared to the rugged tags used in closed cycles, smart labels are less expensive and more flexible to adapt than conventional tags. Customers can select the tag material as required and adjust the size of the tag to their particular application. Customized labeling or programming of the tags is also possible.

Turck offers a large number of variants of the new labels for the HF and UHF-RFID frequency range. Adapted label sizes and antenna designs are available for different applications, allowing the customer to find the most suitable label for their needs. From production right through to logistics, Turck's label portfolio covers all application areas.