Self-Contained Temperature Monitors

TURCK 6/8/2018
Self-Contained Temperature Monitors

The TURCK Temperature Monitor with Digital Readout is a fully programmable device that is easy to set up for a wide variety of applications. The self-contained temperature-monitoring device has two independently adjustable switching points or a single switch point with a separate analog output. The monitor can be used for limit-value monitoring or window functions. The TC01 sensor has an adjustable hysteresis, and can also be programmed to measure temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius. These devices feature a highly visible digital display and a sensor housing that can be rotated to allow the viewing of temperature data from any direction.  The 24 VDC devices include integral circuitry that protects against Short-Circuit damage, and a G1/2 threaded fitting for easy installation.  They operate in temperatures from -40° to +120°C (-40° to +248°F).

Principles of Operation

The temperature sensors employ a calorimetric principle to provide continuous and accurate temperature analysis of liquid or paste-like media.  They are ideal for temperature analysis in many industries including automotive, welding, hydraulic power units, beverage/brewery, plastics, pumps, pulp/paper, and semiconductor.

TURCK Self-Contained Temperature Monitors

Operating Modes

If an over-range of a certain temperature is to be monitored, select the Hysteresis-function. In this mode, a limit value must be set.  If the temperature exceeds this value, the output either activates or de-activates, depending on the selected output function.  A Hysteresis value is assigned to the limit value, which determines the differential between the switch-on or switch-off value.  It is also possible to delay the switch-on and switch-off times.  If the window-function is selected as the operating mode, the switching output activates when the adjusted limit temperature is reached (beginning of window range) and de-activates when the end value (defined by the window width value) is reached.  The switch-on and switch-off delay may also be used in this operating mode.