Turck Software Manager (TSM)


Turck Software Manager (TSM)The TURCK Software Manager (TSM) from the automation specialists at Turck is a program that clearly displays and updates all software components of Turck devices and systems in a single tool. The free software supports users in configuring, parameter setting, programming and commissioning Turck solutions. The TSM eliminates the need for the time consuming searching and updating of individual files and programs. The program handles the entire update process: it checks for updates of the installed software and indicates new software versions, downloads them on request, and installs them. The user thus saves a great deal of time in the engineering and configuration of hardware, as well as the commissioning and parameterization of his application.

In spite of its extensive range of programs and functions, the TSM is transparent and allows intuitive operation. It shows the available software version by product group. Icons show the user the difference between the locally installed version and the version available online. Customers can thus make the decision themselves about their installed file version.

The TSM will also handle all software offered by Turck in the future. This includes also cross-product programs such as Codesys, Ovis or Pactware, in addition to all product-related files, such as IODDs, GSDML files and DTMs. The cross-product and cross-system program is Turck's answer to the constantly increasing number of software-based applications in industrial automation.

With the beginning of SPS IPC Drives 2015 the TSM can be downloaded under www.turck.com/tsm.