QR24 Sensors Updated for Mobile Equipment

TURCK 5/12/2015

QR24 Sensors Updated for Mobile EquipmentTurck released a new QR24 Rotary Inductive Sensor to expand programmability for industrial applications and improve rotary position feedback for the mobile equipment market. The QR24 for mobile equipment features a low operating voltage of 8-30 VDC with 0.5 – 4.5 V output. This technology is immune to vibrations and interference, ensuring accuracy and longevity to avoid replacement downtime and comes in an IP68/IP69K rated housing to protect against moisture and dust in demanding environments. 

All QR24 sensors use resistance inductive capacitance (RLC) measuring technology to process and communicate position. Each sensor is manufactured with printed emitter and receiver coil systems fully potted within the housing. When the emitter coils are activated with a high-frequency AC field, they produce an inductive RLC circuit with the positioning element. The position of that element is processed based on the induced signal to the receiver coils in the sensors. 

For mobile equipment and industrial applications, this wear-free technology is ideal when applied directly to the shaft of a motor to provide superior accuracy for position feedback. In conjunction with RLC technology, Turck’s QR24 rotary inductive sensors provide high-resolution and 16-bit noiseless operation. The double resonator system offers increased distance capability and high-end signal processing with a multicore microprocessor for enhanced speed. 

The QR24 is part of Turck’s Q-track family of sensors. To find out more about these QR24 rotary inductive sensors, please visit www.turck.us. Additional solutions to this product line will continue to be released throughout 2015.