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Access Efficiently Plants, Processes, and Protection Units

Weidmuller 3/27/2018

In many industrial areas, safe and efficient access to control
elements is required. Some applications require access
to the protection unit (GFCI/RCBO) from outside a control cabinet. Other applications demand a combination of many ports in one design.

FrontCom Vario assures technicians fast access to control elements in a cabinet without having to wait for specially authorised personnel. The service interface allows combining up to 10 ports with the option to connect a power socket with a circuit breaker as well as additional data and signal interfaces. With its unique features, FrontCom Vario is the safe, efficient and future-oriented solution for on-site maintenance and optimisation.

Your special advantages

• Flexible and modular system, 100 % compatible to market standard
• RJ45 inserts according to latest Cat. 6A standard
• Clear identification thanks to large labelling surfaces
• Optional shielding via the frame’s earthing screw for data and signal inputs
• Various protection levels, for example with inverse cabinet keys or genuine security locks