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Fast and Easy Power Distribution in Small Spaces

Weidmuller 3/27/2018

To power decentralized components in the field, specially assembled distribution boxes are usually installed. This is a complex task and requires space. Our small, high-performance SAI-SVV-RM modules supply up to four components via one single cable and replace the distribution box.

SAI 4-way power distributors by Weidmüller were developed for applications with operating voltages of 24 V DC and have standardized T-coded M12 connectors. They are easy to assemble and suitable for high sum currents of up to 32 A due to integrated fuses. The special feature: a potential-free, galvanically isolated feedback of the fuse state via 8-pin M12 connector facilitates significantly the maintenance of the modules.

Your special advantages

• Comfortable plug-in power distribution for sum currents up to 32 A
• Potential-free feedback of the fuse state
• Standardized M12 connector system with T-coding
• Extremely space-saving and easy to assemble
• Particularly economic because of easy installation and maintenance