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Fast Wiring On Three Tiers - Klippon Connect

Weidmuller 3/26/2018

The complexity in modern switchgear is growing, and the number of necessary connections is constantly expanding. For panel builders, the importance of using the space optimally is increasing. Our answer to this requirement is the Klippon Connect three-tier terminal blocks with PUSH IN connector.

Our three-tier terminal blocks permit connection to three different potentials on a width of only 5.1 mm and come in many different variants to meet the current industrial requirements. Coloured Pusher and a wide range of marking options ensure safe and structured wiring. The smart design and the numerous connection options make the Weidmuller Klippon Connect three-row terminals with PUSH IN technology an all-rounder in a wide range of applications.

Your special advantages

• Accommodation of 3 potentials on a width of only 5.1 mm
• Fast wiring by means of cross-connection possibilities on each level
• Test points on each tier
• Testing with standard measuring tips and test plugs
• Large marking areas for unambiguous identification
• Various colour codings and functions for special applications

Professional identification
Large marking areas in combination with our marking solutions ensure clear identification of the individual contact points.
Klippon Connect for optimum wiring in confined spaces
Efficient wiring
A terminal block is only 5.1 mm wide and can accommodate three potentials. Cross connections on each tier permit a bridging of the potentials for shorter wiring time.
Klippon Connect for optimum wiring in confined spaces
Simplified testing
The integrated test point on each tier allows for fast, straightforward testing procedures with standard testing plugs.
Klippon Connect for optimum wiring in confined spaces
Large variety
Due to the colour-coded design and the different connection functionality, the terminal blocks are suited to a wide range of specialised applications.