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Load Monitoring And Potential Distribution Combined - maxGUARD

Weidmuller 3/26/2018
maxGUARD – Taking control voltage distribution to a new levelTaking control voltage distribution to a new level

Fail-safe and maintenance-friendly control voltage distributions that can be installed in a time- and space- saving manner are a must for efficient machine and facility operation. The new maxGUARD system combines electronic load monitors and potential distributors, saving space on a 6.1 mm pitch.

With maxGUARD, the terminal blocks – previously installed separately – for distributing potential to the outputs of the electronic load monitors become an integral part of a 24 V DC control voltage distribution solution. The combination of load monitoring and potential distribution reduces the amount of space required on the terminal rail by 50 %, while it also saves time during installation and increases safety against failure. Operating, test, and connection elements permit safe access to all voltage and load circuits.

Your special advantages

• Integrated test points in the IO-channels of the control current distribution
• Practical disconnecting lever for galvanic isolation of the load circuit for testing purposes
• Cross connections between load monitoring and potential distribution terminals
• High range of customised solution variants
• New approvals for Marine, Class 2 and Ex-areas