1000V DC & 1150V AC

Over the past years, there has been an increasing requirement for high service voltage in industrial plants. ABB SACE has always been focusing on high demanding applications, so that customers could find a reliable solution for any application need. SACE Tmax T4, T5 and T6 range of circuit breakers for applications in direct current up to 1000 V or in alternating current up to 1150 V is the answer to this kind of requirements. Typical applications are installations in mines, road and railway tunnels, electrical transport and industrial applications in general. In details, SACE Tmax moulded case circuit breakers have the best performances in low voltage world in terms of breaking capacities at 1000V AC and 1150V AC. That is why SACE Tmax T4, T5 and T6 are widely specified for use in underground mining applications all over the world. Tmax breakers are available with a wide range of thermomagnetic and electronic trip units: TMD: adjustable thermal threshold and fixed magnetic threshold; TMA: adjustable thermal and magnetic thresholds; PR221DS, PR222DS/P providing functions against overload, short circuit and ground fault; PR222DS/PD also adding the integrated dialogue function Modbus RTU; PR222MP specifically designed for motor protection. SACE Tmax circuit breakers for applications up to 1000V DC and 1150V AC maintain the same compact dimension as standard range. Availability in fixed, plug-in and withdrawable version together with compatibility with standard range of accessories are guaranteed.