SNA Series

The well known historical range is available in screw clamp and stud technologies with a large choice of sections and colour variants. Qualified for standard and power applications up to 300 mm2 (1000 kcmil). Main benefits include Ease the identification of functions inside cabinet thanks to large range of coloured variants; ABB SNA connection technologies (screw clamp, and stud) eliminate the need for retightening campaigns thanks dedicated anti-release system; Avoid mounting and wiring errors thanks to asymmetrical design; Allow installation flexibility with extra mounting options such as TS32 rail,panel or plate; 50% faster assembly time thanks to the locking pin : 10 pre-assembled blocks plugged-in on rail at a time & Elimination of faulty manouvers thanks to screw type jumper bars. Main features include Connecting capacity from 0.2 to 300 mm² (22 AWG to 1000 kcmil); Technologies: screw clamp, stud; Available functions : feed-through, ground, disconnect, fuse, single to triple deck, entrelec test & measurement & Power stud range available with stud-stud or stud-screw clamp technologies.