Solar Applications

Leading player in the solar power industry since the early 1990s, ABB has gathered the best products on the market to meet your connection needs: MC4-Evo2 photovoltaic connectors, DBL distribution blocks and SNK terminal blocks. Main benefits include Benefit from one single supplier for all your connection needs; With MC4-Evo2 range, ensure connections of the DC circuits from combiner boxes to PV modules (in series or in parallel) and from string inverters to combiner boxes; DBL distribution blocks group strings in combiner boxes and save up to 50% rail space & SNK terminal blocks are ideally suited for use in solar, thanks to their high performances (up to 1250 V DC) and multiple connection’s technologies (PI-Spring, screw and pluggable). Main features include Full compatibility and conformity of MC4-Evo2 photovoltaic connectors with all MC4 family products from Multi-Contact; entrelec DBL distribution blocks connecting capacity is up to 185 mm² (350 Kcmil) & SNK terminal blocks series have many functions (feed-through, ground, disconnect, fuse) and share the same accessories.