IDC Terminals

ABB ADO system® terminal blocks based on Insulation displacement (IDC) technology offer significant productivity savings as well as secure and reliable connection. Main benefits include Boosted productivity thanks to ADO System® technology that reduces wiring time by up to 80% compared to screw clamp connection; Improved reliability of installation : Elimination of wiring mistakes thanks to the locking of tool during connection process and no conductor preparation; Reduced fatigue : the automatic tool allow smooth and no effort wiring; Service continuity ensured even in severe environments thanks to vibration and corrosion proof connection; Saved space in cabinets thanks to high density wiring (up to 2 wires per clamp) & Protection against unwanted manouvers: tools is needed to make wiring changes. Main features include Connecting capacity from 0.22 to 4 mm² (24 to 12 AWG); Technologies : hybrid ADO/screw clamp and entrelec ADO/ADO terminal blocks; Functions : feed-through, ground, disconnect, fuse, miniblocks, sensors/actuators, component holder,pluggable & Maintenance free screwless connection.