Electronic Relay/Control

ABB offers the most extensive range of electronic timers, measuring and monitoring relays, interface relays and power supplies in the industry - allowing you to source your critical components from one global supplier. Increase reliability of your process equipment with control devices that provide intelligent signals and adjustments to ensure maximum availability. Main benefits include Down-time and commissioning time reduced; Engineering time savings; Selection time reduction; Ease of selection, conversion and installation; Reduce costs: One order, one shipment, one invoice & Global support.

ABB Electronic Timers Distributors
Electronic Timers

ABB electronic timers of the CT range have been used in applications worldwide and have proven their excellent functionality in daily use even under the toughest conditions. Three ranges of electronic timers provide timing functions for all applications. Partner with ABB to ensure all your low voltage timing control needs are met with our wide variety of product options - from economic to highly sophisticated - providing maximum value. Main benefits include Down-time and commissioning time reduced; Engineering time savings & Selection time reduction. Main features include Wide range of functions from single to multifunction devices; A variety of control supply voltages are availbale; Time range from 0.05 s to 300 h; MDRC housing e.g. for building automation; Economic variants & Sophisticated variants.

ABB Interface Relays & Optocouplers Distributors
Interface Relay/Optocoupler

ABB’s interface relays and optocouplers ensure a reliable voltage conversion between process peripherals and higher level control systems. For all sort of machinery, our relays ensure reliable signal switching and provide electrical isolation for your sensitive electronics such as PLCs. The wide variety of pluggable interface relays with standard or logic sockets can be used for switching AC or DC loads. Suitable for extreme environments, ABB’s interface relays offers a range of different coil voltages and plug-in functional modules. Environmental-friendly thanks to cadmium- and lead-free material selection and production (e.g. for ROHS requirements). Main benefits include Safe and reliable voltage conversion; Highest contact ratings & Pluggable function modules for highest application requirements. Main features include Coil voltages from 5 V DC up to 230 V AC; Up to 16 A contact ratings; Up to 4 output contacts; Pluggable function moduls such as RC elements avialable; Integrated test button for manual operation & Gold plated contacts available for lowest contact resistivity.

ABB Logic Relays Distributors
Logic Relays

ABB’s logic relays are ideally suited for small industrial applications saving time and cost as well as eliminating error sources. Their compact design reduces panel space and comprehensive functionality will save you cost and make installation easier as they can eliminate traditionally wired circuits. The logic relays are maintenance free because no external back-up is needed and all values are saved in the relay itself. Expansion units with analog inputs, relay and transistor output complete the portfolio. Main benefits include Universally programmable to adapt to your applaction; Compact design reduces panel space & Maintenance free. Main features include 8 or 12 digital inputs; 4 or 6 digital relay outputs, optional with 4 or 8 transistor outputs; 3 contacts as n/o or n/c contacts, optional with 2 or 4 analog inputs; Stand alone device with display; Expansions units available & Programmable via display and front face buttons or the PC software CL-Soft.

ABB Measuring & Monitoring Relays Distributors
Measuring/Monitoring Relay

No matter what measuring or monitoring function is needed, physical or electrical, we can protect your equipment and ensure smooth processes. ABB’s relays are designed to not only detect overloads, but also temperature, liquid and other potentially damaging fluctuations. Choose among a large range of products to ensure reliable protection, save cost and avoid unplanned downtime of your processes and equipment. High quality products built and tested to ensure uninterrupted monitoring no matter what environment you operate in. Main benefits include Safe and reliable monitoring of your application; Engineering time savings & Selection time reduction. Main features include Wide range of different products from Single- and Three-phase Monitors to Grid Feeding Monitoring Relays a variety of application is covered; Economic variants (CM-E range); Sophisticated variants (CM-S and CM-N range) & Easy Connect Technology with push-in terminals.

ABB Motor Controllers Distributors
Motor Controllers

ABB provides optimized motor controllers for process industry as well as factory automation. The compact electronic starters (HF) and modular universal motor controllers (UMC) are reliable products for easy and perfect motor starting and control. Main benefits include Compact design; High durability; Easy installation; Optimized for different applications; Certificates for worldwide use & Global support.

ABB Power Supplies Distributors
Power Supplies

ABB CP range offers newest technology in a compact construction of power supplies. Modern power supply units are a vital component in most areas of energy management and automation technology. ABB as your global partner in these areas pays the utmost attention to the resulting requirements. Innovation is the key to a substantial enlargement of our power supply product program.

ABB Signal Converters Distributors
Signal Converters

ABB’s universal signal converters of the CC-range amplify, convert, isolate and measure any type of analog signal to ensure safe and reliable plant processes. Whenever you need 3-way electrical isolation, select an ABB signal converter to protect your process and automation applications from overvoltages. Main benefits include Safe operation by 3-way galvanic isolation; Easy and precise adjustments & Easy to select from singlefunctional and multifunctional devices. Main features include Different standard signal output on one device; Plug-in connecting terminals; Thermocouple signal conversion; Current measurement signals; Once configured no readjustment necessary & Safe operation by electrical 3-way isolation.