Interface Relay/Optocoupler

ABB’s interface relays and optocouplers ensure a reliable voltage conversion between process peripherals and higher level control systems. For all sort of machinery, our relays ensure reliable signal switching and provide electrical isolation for your sensitive electronics such as PLCs. The wide variety of pluggable interface relays with standard or logic sockets can be used for switching AC or DC loads. Suitable for extreme environments, ABB’s interface relays offers a range of different coil voltages and plug-in functional modules. Environmental-friendly thanks to cadmium- and lead-free material selection and production (e.g. for ROHS requirements). Main benefits include Safe and reliable voltage conversion; Highest contact ratings & Pluggable function modules for highest application requirements. Main features include Coil voltages from 5 V DC up to 230 V AC; Up to 16 A contact ratings; Up to 4 output contacts; Pluggable function moduls such as RC elements avialable; Integrated test button for manual operation & Gold plated contacts available for lowest contact resistivity.