Grid Feeding

ABB’s CM-UFD range are multi-functional grid feeding monitoring relays, installed between the renewable energy system and the public grid. They detect unusual events in the public power grid and automatically disconnect and reconnect the renewable power plant. Different monitoring functions such as 10-minutes average value, real time over- and undervoltage as well as over- and underfrequency are configurable via the front face display. Versions with a Modbus RTU communication interface are available as well. Main benefits include Safe and reliable monitoring of all important grid parameters; High on grid times increase your revenues & Latest approvals supports your installation complies to your local grid feeding standard. Main features include Modbus RTU interface enables remote visualization and storage of process data as well as remote tripping; Easy to configure due to backlit LCD display; LOM (Loss of mains) protection, e.g. ROCOF and Vector shift detection; Monitoring of voltage and frequency in single- and three-phase mains; Error memory for up to 99 entries (incl. cause of error, measured value, relative timestamp) & Password protection.